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Use this page to see how my past clients feel about working with me. Read client feedback, testimonials and check out some photos of the our homes and happy clients we have helped buy/sell. If you'd like to see even more, feel free to check out my INTERACTIVE PORTFOLIOwhich allows you to filter by locations, photos, reviews.

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16 Buttercup Lane, San Carlos, CA
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2667 Thornhill Drive, San Carlos, CA
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1151 EBENER Street, Redwood City, CA
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234 Longford Dr, South San Francisco, CA
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1856 Shoreview Ave, San Mateo, CA

    Customer Testimonials

    66 BAYVIEW Drive, San Carlos, CA

    I’m writing to tell you what a great job Holly Noto did selling my house in San Carlos and how extremely happy I am with her work. Holly was a huge help to me from the beginning – she provided practical, helpful advice about all the phases of the sale – preparing it, staging it and marketing it. She had resources and contacts for every type of professional and service provider we needed. Holly was extremely professional, dependable and organized throughout the entire preparation and sale process; she never missed a detail or forgot anything. She was proactive in offering advice and possible solutions to any decision I faced, yet never in a pushy way. She is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and trends. In additional to all this, the best part of working with Holly is she is such a nice, pleasant and positive person to be around. I loved working with Holly Noto and I will recommend her without reservation to anyone I know who plans to sell or buy property on the Peninsula.

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    569 DARTMOUTH Avenue, San Carlos, CA

    Holly Noto helped my wife and I sell our house in San Carlos. She did an absolutely spectacular job. We were living in London at the time and our house was rented out as a duplex. She dealt with the tenants, organized their departure and had the house redecorated. She marketed the house with amazing skill and worked extremely hard throughout the process. She provided extremely skillful advice on dealing with offers and organized all the paperwork. We completed the sale while being almost 5,000 miles from the Bay Area! In short, we cannot recommend her highly enough. Out of 10, we would give her 12! I work as a barrister in London and during the sale I was extremely busy. Without Holly’s steadfast help, it would have been impossible for us to sell our house. I do not think that any other realtor could have given such superb service.

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    134 CLAREMONT Avenue, South San Francisco, CA

    The biggest reference that we can give to you and your perspective clients is...bottom line....WE OWN A HOME! What more proof do they need? Not only are we home owners but it was very pain-free. We had worked with other agents with no luck. You were more than just an agent you were a friend. This was exhibited in your openness to answer ALL of our questions at any time, put us in contact with people that were friendly and supportive, and making sure we crossed every T and dotted every I. It was amazing to us that this pattern continued on your part long after the sale was DONE! We could not have purchased our home without you and frankly we will never allow any of our friends, relatives or co-workers to use anyone but you. You made what started out as a painful, costly experience into an event that filled us with joy and excitement. Holly, your skills as an agent are unsurpassed but your skills as a people-person and someone that cares goes way beyond what is expected. If anyone wants to talk to us please have them spend 5 minutes on the phone with me......they WILL be your client. Thanks for helping Thanks for caring and more importantly Thanks for being YOU! One Quote that is a GREAT example of your style: "People don't CARE how much we know.....until they KNOW how much we care!" This is something that we felt from the first moment we met!

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    34 COVE Lane, Redwood City, CA

    I if I had to describe Holly in one word it would be AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!! My fiance and I are first time home buyers and when looking for a new place to live on the Peninsula, we hadn't the simplest clue of what to do! We called up Holly after a friend had referred her and after seeing her great yelp reviews and I honestly have to say that was the best decision we have ever made!! Holly was there for us every single step of the way and beyond. She literally went BEYOND what she had to do to ensure we were happy home-buyers. The market is VERY VERY tough right now, especially for first timers, but Holly was relentless to find us a home, and we did!! In Redwood Shores! Holly was always available, day or night, she would be there. You can call, text, email and she will respond instantly. She has many connections and is very well regarded and liked in the area which is so great because you automatically have an in with selling agents. If we wanted to view a place 4-5 times before putting in an offer (which we did!), without hesitation she would say "YES lets do it, ill be there!" Holly goes above and beyond to make sure you do everything possible to give you a chance at the home you are bidding on. She even HAND delivers your offer to the selling agent which most selling agents were surprised at as they said usually people didn't do that! A major plus is that she has been in the business for a while and knows her stuff! Being a first time buyer, the lingo and paperwork can get wordy and start to not make sense. She always explained everything we had questions on in ways we could understand. We never had too many questions though, because Holly was always so on top of everything and great at explaining what everything meant. When I say she is amazing, I don't just mean she is amazing at her job (because she definitely is), but I also mean she is just a down right amazing person! She is so genuine, so sweet, so caring and so fun!! She is just a COOL person! That's the best way to say it. After telling family and friends about our experience with Holly, they were shocked out how AMAZING she was and said they would definitely use her when it came to selling or buying homes. Just call Holly and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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    421 Wave Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA

    Holly rocks! She listened, guided and took very good care of us during our year long journey on finding a house. She is the epitome of professionalism...every email, phone call and text was responded to in a timely manner. She knows her real estate market and will help you on many levels during the process. We enjoyed her company and look forward to continue working with her.

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