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Fleur De Lis Law & Title Company, LA
We are your hometown team for real estate closings, business matters, estate planning, and successions. In other words, we support you and help navigate those complex transactions in life to allow you to achieve your goals.
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Noel Marcantel Photography, LA
We provide exceptional personal and business branding photography because everyone deserves to feel confident in their image. With a superior arsenal of images, our clients attract new customers eager to buy, and inspire their existing customers to spend more. Don't let your old images kill your cash flow. Be bold. Let's create confidence in your brand.
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You quickly understand when you meet someone who is there to do what they do for all the right reasons. That’s the feeling that comes through unmistakably when you meet and work with Michael Claus. Informing the Decision As Owner of Louisiana Realty Inspections (, Michael honors his role in informing the decision for clients and making the process smoother and more convenient for his REALTOR® partners. Michael has a long history in the industry that includes his own experience as a REALTOR®. In 2000, he started his own construction company. He was CEO and Manager of a commercial property management company for 17 years as well. “I became licensed as a REALTOR® in 2003 and in 2005 I became a Broker. I was melding the two universes of constructions and property management, as well,” Michael says. “I’ve drawn on that experience to start Louisiana Realty Inspections.” Unique Blend of Experience Michael brings a unique blend of experiences that all combine to feed into the way he delivers exceptional home inspection services to his clients. “In my experience in real estate, I have always been fascinated with insurance and financing, as well. Insurance rates here are through the roof now and insurance companies are dropping policyowners, and they’re doing it over issues with the property that aren’t defects,” Michael says. “For example, you might have a roof that is over a certain age that would become an issue. With what I do in the inspection business, it helps clients to know about those items so they can negotiate. I need to make sure that my client is aware of the condition of the home and issues that could affect the property’s chances of qualifying for certain types of financing or insurance.” Easing the Process As a licensed real estate Broker himself, Michael is able to access properties himself, which can be a convenient advantage for his partners. He also provides easy online scheduling ( of inspections and same-day reports. “I’m trying to give back to REALTORS® by giving them more time to run their business and also reducing their liability,” he says. “That way, I take on the responsibility while I’m doing the inspection.” Those who work with Michael get the advantages that come with working with a one-person operation. “When people hire me, they get me and I’m aware of each inspection that I’ve done,” he points out. In-Depth Approach. Providing Education. Within an hour of completing the inspection, Michael sends a report to his partners and to clients, with the ability for partners to create an addendum directly from the software for repairs. As Michael says, his relationship with the clients he works with precludes everything else. “It’s very important to me that I budget at least 30 minutes of my time to sit and discuss the report with the client on site so I can answer all of their questions they may have on the spot before I leave the property,” Michael says. “I realize how stressful it can be for my clients at that moment. I encourage them to call me after the fact with questions they may have. I always answer the phone and am here to be a resource for them.” Even though Michael has his real estate license, it is in place to support his inspection business. “Those REALTORS® who work with me enjoy the non-competitive relationships I have with them,” he says. “I get asked if I am still selling real estate. I’m not selling. I refer the business on to my partners.” Away from work, Michael has a passion for his family and spending time with them. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, with favorites being fishing and hunting. The passion Michael brings to his work makes a direct impact on those he serves. Day by day, he makes a powerful impact on behalf of his partners and clients … in the process of honoring his role.
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House Call, LA
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Pipes R Us Plumbing Inc, LA
Pipes “R” Us is a locally established and locally grown plumbing company that has been committed to the rebuilding and growth of our beautiful New Orleans metro area for the past 12 years. From the very beginning, a commitment to personal excellence and to outstanding business practices for our community was the goal of Pipes “R” Us. Our owner, Danny Griffin, has 22 years of experience as a master plumber, and our current rating from the Better Business Bureau is an A+. We offer plumber services for both residential and commercial plumbing to the metro area including Jefferson, Orleans, and the 10 Parish area. No job is too insignificant or too daunting for us to tackle. Let us take a Peep in Your Pipes and get started on a solution today! We also offer a new 2 hour CE course on video sewer inspections.
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