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The company performs work related to Moire Black, CCA Medium Tappersawn Cedar Shake, Autumn Blend, Moire Black, GAF Timberline Ultra HD

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15100 176th Avenue Northeast , Woodinville, WA
  • Shadow Gray
1822 Franklin Avenue East , Seattle, WA
  • Driftwood
22008 99th Street Southeast , Snohomish, WA
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12024 57th Drive Southeast , Snohomish, WA
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13060 Tonga Ridge Road Southeast , Monroe, WA
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Customer Testimonials

23307 49th Avenue SE undefined, Bothell, WA

North Creek Roofing was the one company out of the three bids I received that I felt the most comfortable with. During the estimate process they showed me what needed to be done with NO pressure, or upselling telling me I need that, and you need that. The crew showed up on time, completed everything, and within the time frame promised. I would highly recommend that if you need your roof replaced at least give them a call, and talk to them you will be happy you did.

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5413 151st PL SE undefined, Everett, WA

Went over their products in detail and explained about warranties. Gave me addresses of houses that had the different shingles we were considering so we could see an actual complete roof instead of just looking at a shingle and trying to guess what it would look like. They did the work on time and on cost. Answered all my questions and addressed all of my issues (I didn't feel the original 20 year old flashing on the house was sufficient). They took care to put down boards to protect my driveway from the dumpster. The dumpster was removed after the work very quickly. They sent a guy by after everything was done to review the work and to use a strong magnetic device to assure no nails, etc were left on the driveway and walkways. All in all very good job.

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23703 Mt Forest Blvd undefined, Monroe, WA

Our experience with North Creek Roofing was, overall, very positive. Josh, the estimator, was available by phone and email to answer all our questions during the selection phase of our project. We always felt he was there to help with anything we needed. He was very thorough with his explanation of the process of the work they would do. We wanted some extra things that they had not done before. The first was to have the ice and water shield, which is usually only about foot or so wide, extended further back up the roof- about 30 ? 36 inches, not usual for this area but they had done this before. The second was cellulose insulation. They were more familiar with blown-in fiberglass insulation, while we were looking for a ?greener? product and read out about this type of cellulose. The third was the replacement of our leaf filter gutter guards with a different type they had not used before. After we gave them the information we had, and they researched it themselves, they agreed they would do it. All of our communications with Josh and subsequently with John, the production manager, were very clear. We were very impressed that Dan, the company?s owner, wrote a letter thanking us for choosing them and reiterating the installation process, who to contact, and the procedures they would take to ensure the job would go efficiently. We liked that fact that each person we talked to was very friendly and made sure we were aware of each part of the process they would take. They were very efficient. The roof materials were delivered a day ahead of time, so that when the crew arrived they could begin right away. The roofing guys worked very quickly, taking off the old roof and adding the new one. There were some pieces of plywood sub-roofing that needed replacing, and we also wanted a couple of other pieces replaced. They were very good about explaining everything, and made sure we understood what the costs would be for the extra plywood. We thought the prices were reasonable, and agreed to have them replaced. After the roofers took off a good bit of the old roof, a couple of guys set up the blower/mixer machine for the insulation. Sometimes, though, things can go wrong. Periodically, I would go out to see the progress of the roofers. At one point I looked up and noticed that the ice shield seemed narrower than I expected, so I asked the installer whether this was the extra shield we asked for. It?s a good thing I asked; since the shield the installer was using was not the width we?d ordered. As it turns out, the notation in their job order for the ice shield was accidentally overlooked. The supervisor was very apologetic and assured us they would correct it, which they did, even though it meant they had to remove several rows of shingles and buy more to replace them. They, and we, were happy I noticed it in time. A second little mistake happened with the insulation. They used a ruler that was normally used for adding additional fiberglass insulation, not realizing that cellulose insulation would require a different depth of cover over our existing insulation. Unfortunately, they did not realize the problem until they used up all the required amount of insulation, but still had not covered the entire attic. Once they found out what had happened, they immediately began to correct it by redistributing the cellulose around the attic to the correct depth. We would never have known about this if they had not told us. It?s quite likely that some other company with less integrity would have said nothing and not bothered to correct it. Or, they could have just as easily corrected it and not bothered to mention to us. I liked the fact that they will admit that sometimes things go wrong, but will make every attempt to make it right. The third mistake was with the new leaf guard covers we wanted for the gutters. During the estimating phase of this project, the company was very willing to investigate the type and brand of leaf guard system we wanted. We did give them the company?s name and web site, and they got in contact with the company to query the system. Once they did that, they agreed that it looked like a good system and were willing to order it and install it. This system is actually designed to be installable by a homeowner, so it is very simple, really, to install. Or, so we thought. The first part of the roof that was redone was on the back of the house, so one of the roofers started installing the new leaf guard. I saw too late that several sections of the cover had been installed backwards. Of course, once realized, they sought to correct it, but the roofer?s solution to correction was also a problem. It just didn?t fit right. And later, by a day or so, I noticed that things about the leaf guard just didn?t look right. When one of the supervisors came out to see the work, we were talking about a piece of gutter he was adding over a part of lower roof, and I mentioned the leaf guard. He saw that the roofers had bent the rim of the guard in a way that caused water to overshoot the cover and drip off the front of the gutter. He was able to fix part of it. I thought that maybe that was the end of it, and everything else with the gutters was fine. With later inspection, myself, I found that there were other problems with the fit of it. The surface in places was bent and was not level, causing potential problems for proper drainage. I was definitely not happy with how it looked. I called the company back and explained what I had seen and thought about the installation of the guard, and after they considered it, they called me back and said they were going to replace the entire thing. They explained they would bring a gutter installer they work with to examine it, and do whatever was necessary to make it right. A couple days later, the installer was out and they went about taking off the guard, reinforcing the gutters to make sure they were OK, then installing the guards in the correct manner. We were very pleased with the result. All of this just confirms for us that in spite of some problems, this company has the integrity to want to make things right. We are very pleased with the roof, the insulation, and the leaf guard. Even though sometimes things will happen unexpectedly, this company will try to do what?s right. We don?t have any reservations about recommending this company to others, or using them in future, if needed.

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146 NE 61st ST undefined, Seattle, WA

North Creek completed an estimate without us being home, as requested. They came when asked, and their bid was very close to other bid received. They were responsive and scheduled the start date two weeks later. The crew was at our home everyday until the job was completed, and they worked happily and quickly. The site foreman altered me of the few issues that arose, including decking damage and fascia conditions. They fixed the unanticipated fascia damage with no additional cost. The job was completed on time, and thus far, we have been very happy with the work. Overall the entire North Creek team helpful, including following up on quick dumpster removal to make way for moving trucks. I would recommend North Creek to our friends, and I would hire them again if needed.

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9003 NE Bothell Way undefined, Kenmore, WA

I can't say enough good things about North Creek Roofing. They were punctual, always letting us know what was happening and when. The crew was exceptionally polite and very hard working. When they discovered that our chimney was too far gone to put new flashing on, they prepped the flashing, sealed the area and gave us recommendations for a mason to do the chimney repairs. I especially like having safety anchors installed on both sides of the roof peak. While not the cheapest quote we got, the value is priceless. You definitely get what you pay for. All in all, a very pleasant experience. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Now that we are past the worst of the winter storm season and just came out of a record setting rain, I can say that there are no leaks or issues with our new roof. It is a nice change to be able to listen to the rain and not worry about water coming in. Thanks a million, North Creek.

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