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The Storm Guard “Way” is the spirit running through the core of our entire organization. Simply stated, our clients’ peace of mind paramount. We always strive to please our clients’, providing them with the utmost in quality and construction expertise.

In addition to our roofing and construction services, Storm Guard is proud to offer restoration services for homes that have suffered damage. Weather can be unpredictable, but you can count on Storm Guard to restore your home to its former glory.

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Our Work

51610 Kachina Lane , Macomb, MI, US

What was known on this roof before the customer had us inspect it? There was wind damage. That was clear because some of the shingles had blown off the front slope.

What was unknown? The amount of hail damage and the fact that the roof had a discontinued shingle which made spot replacement impossible.

Despite our proof that what they were proposing was not feasible, the insurer would not budge from a repair that was (conveniently) just below the deductible. But our homeowner was knowledgeable and trusted us through the process. She exercised her right to appraisal (yes, we're certified as appraisers through the Insurance Appraiser and Umpire Association) and, through that process, was granted coverage for a full roof replacement.

It's always satisfying to see the transformation...but even more rewarding when we win the difficult cases!

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45760 Heatherwoode Lane , Macomb, MI, US

When we inspected this home, we discovered that the existing 3-tab shingle was a discontinued organic shingle. There was also enough storm damage to warrant filing the claim with the insurer. After a couple of conversations, the insurer was onboard in providing for full roof replacement and the customer opted for one of our favorites - the Owens Corning Duration in Black Sable.

Per usual, we capped off the new roof system with our Mid-America Products CapMaster for a polished look at that will protect the pipe jacks for decades to come.

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29424 Shenandoah Drive , Farmington Hills, MI, US
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1119 Augusta Drive , Troy, MI, US

This home had a small leak showing in the ceiling of the upstairs bedroom, right next to the chimney flashing. When we inspected the chimney we saw some cracks in the caulk and that it was installed in a way that could lead to more issues.

We cut used the grinder to make a small incision in the brick and mortar, custom bent the Quality Aluminum Products coil, placed the new flashing in the groove and caulked it for a tight seal that will keep the water out for years to come.

While we were doing this work, we noticed a recent wind storm had knocked off a few cap shingles so we took care of that with a some new cap shingles from Owens Corning.

Another beautiful day and beautiful job from the best roofing team in the industry! Call today if you need someone to diagnose and fix your leaky roof!

  • Repairs (not full roof)
857 Briar Court , Rochester Hills, MI, US

This home had a leak on the top section of the roof and an attic that was not accessible. After trying to do minimally-invasive repairs on two areas the problem persisted so it was time to replace the top section.

Upon opening the roof we discovered the issue was that the previous installer - likely the previous homeowner himself - had installed both the shingles and underlayment incorrectly, allowing water to make its way into the home.

The new Owens Corning Duration shingles look great and will give this homeowner years of worry-free protection! Not to mention that the homeowner is covered by our nationally-backed warranty!

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  • Repairs (not full roof)

Customer Testimonials

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Brett Dodson - 857 Briar Court , Rochester Hills, MI, US
Working with Storm Guard was such a great experience. I reached out to Chris at Storm Guard about looking at my roof to see what next steps might be needed as far as repair or a new roof, etc. and he was absolutely amazing and made the process simple and easy. It was even kinda fun to watch when he used his drone to fly around the house and check out the roof for an initial inspection. They came out and handled the job with ease and everything looks great!  I can't recommend Storm Guard enough a...Read more
Reviewer photo
Spencer Sims - 51544 Indian Pointe Drive , Macomb, MI, US
Chris and his Storm Guard roofing crew were very detailed in the replacement of my roof. Their professionalism is beyond reproach. If you need any roof work, I would highly suggest Storm Guard hands down!!
Reviewer photo
Jeanne Mikulski - 20025 Coyote Trail , Macomb, MI, US
I never thought replacing a roof could be so easy. Nathan was so patient and helpful during this process. Our roof was replaced and looks amazing. The crew was in and out and did a great job. I highly recommend Storm Guard!
Reviewer photo
Noel Putris - 14751 Ashton Lane , Shelby Township, MI, US
I was so happy with the results and they were a very professional company. The owner, Chris, is such a nice guy who has great crew along with him. Also the salesman, Nathan, was so kind and helpful the whole time. Most importantly they did a great job with the roof. If I could I would give a 6 star review.
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xxxxxx zzzzzzzz - 16313 Glenfield Drive , Macomb, MI, US
Chris and Nathan handled everything from inspection to completion always on time answered my calls promptly very organized and professional and best of all they did a great job and clean up. Best contractor I've worked with. No this isn't a fake review. I have referred them to friends and family.