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Project Map It is the number one sales and marketing tool built for contractors to close leads.

Close More Deals. Save More Time. Stand Out Against Your Competition

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Marketing Made Easy

Project Map It gives you and your team the marketing tools and resources you need on the go. Showcase your portfolio, including previous project images and footage, and display customer reviews all in one place. Our digital mapping portfolio is user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Easily update your portfolio and map in real-time at each job site. Upload unlimited photos, write job descriptions, and request reviews from your customers—all from a tablet or smartphone.

Project Map It is a more efficient, time-effective way to close new business. Give your sales staff the tools they need to scale your business and your prospective customers the information and confidence they need to make an informed decision.

First impressions matter. Show up prepared for your next initial consultation with Project Map It. If a prospective client is looking for a specific product or item color, easily search and share previous work with just a click. Let prospective clients read reviews and see how many projects you’ve worked on in their neighborhood. Close more deals, save more time, and stand out against your competition with Project Map It.

A Digital Portfolio That Grows With You

Project Map It is an interactive map that showcases all your previous work and lets customers search by area, project category, or even product type. Easily embed the map on your website and show prospective customers your company’s presence in their neighborhood.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

You take pride in the work you do—it deserves recognition. The more photos you show of a previous project, the more likely a customer is to book with you. Upload unlimited project photos to your portfolio and share detailed descriptions of your work.

Review Management Like Never Before

Scale your business and increase sales with positive reviews. Collect new reviews and display existing reviews from Google, Facebook, and Project Map It, all in one place. Send survey reminder emails and manage your reviews—right within the platform. Unlike Google and Facebook reviews, you can make Project Map It reviews private and there’s no login required for customers.

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Put Your Company on the Map.

Success stories worth raving about:
  • Project Map It has been a creative way for us to showcase our work within our community. Once a customer sees how many project pins are dropped within our service area, it helps strengthen our brand and allows us to build trust.

    Joe Ayler.
    Owner, Tar Heel Construction GroupView my Portfolio
  • Project Map It has been great for our lead generation and marketing strategy. It helps future customers get a look at the work we have done in their area as well as gives them design ideas for their dream outdoor living space. We would recommend it for any business looking to highlight their products and services!

    Cameron Danish
    Managing Director, NOVA Landscape & DesignView my Portfolio
  • What also helped seal the deal was to drive around my neighborhood and town to see their completed projects (as per their project map) to get a good sense of their work.

    Home Owner Review
    New roof replacement
  • Project Map It has been great for our real estate business. Our capture rate for people checking us out on our website has tripled. Being able to see our portfolio of past home sales, read reviews and see a photo of the houses goes a long way in us communicating our past client's experiences and in what neighborhoods we have proven expertise.

    Kristi Neidhardt
    Owner, The Kristi Neidhardt Team, AgentView my Portfolio
  • I wanted to ask about how you guarantee your work, and for references. What I found is something that is just unheard of - you have a map of every project you have worked on posted on the website. That speaks to a high level of confidence in the work you do. We'll stop by a couple to check them out, but I almost don't have to since it's not a cherry-picked list of 3 or 4 reference projects.

    Home Owner Review
    New roof replacement
  • Project Map This has been an amazing addition to our resources. Having all of our projects pinned on a map so that clients can visually see how many roofs around them we have completed is a powerful sales tool. And with the versatility of search options, it's easier than ever to show customers which nearby homes have the colored shingles they're thinking of choosing.

    Jill Carr
    Office Chief Administrator OfficerView my Portfolio
  • We have been using this service for over two years. It has changed the way I sell to homeowners. I bring up the map while sitting at the kitchen table and show the homeowner how many neighbors we have done work for. It creates trust almost immediately!

    Dan Keller
    CEO, George J. Keller & Sons LLCView my Portfolio
Team member PMI 1Team member PMI 6

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