Most Popular Questions

Is it ok to post an address without permission?

Yes, this is publicly available information and can be posted.

Can I post photos?

As long as there are no people in the picture and you have permission to take and distribute the picture, then yes.

How do I know if I have permission?

If there is ever any doubt, it’s always best practice to confirm with your client or homeowner. Let them know you would like to take a picture of the finished work and to post it for marketing purposes.

Can I post a review with a name on the review on the pin that has an address on it?

Again, if there is ever any doubt, the best practice is to confirm with your client or homeowner. If your customer was happy enough to write a review they may agree to add their name to a post, but it’s always best to double check. Remember our settings permit you to easily remove a customer’s name from your posts, if there is ever a concern in this area.

Is this an app in the app stores?

No, we are a web based app, so you just bookmark Project Map It to your smartphone or tablet and login through a web browser on a desktop or lap top computer

What information shows on each pin?

For project portfolios: Customer Address; scope of work and; a description of the project (optional).

For membership/promotional portfolios: Name; Company names; address; contact information; social media links and; a bio of the person or description of the business.

Can we make it so the full address doesn’t show on the pins?

Yes, you have the option to only show the city, state and zip code, or give each project a name.

Do you pay per user?

No, we are not a per user SaaS product. So you can have unlimited users to manage your PMI portfolio, for one low price.

Can you add it to any website?

Yes, we haven’t found a website that won’t load the map properly. It’s a simple embed code.

What is the onboarding process like?

We pride ourselves on a positive on-boarding experience. Once our team works on getting a spreadsheet from you to create your map, we will spend two hours of getting reviews up on your portfolio and two hours of photo uploads, so your map is off to a great start! Just know we are here to help anytime you need it.