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The PMI and GTR integration is seamless. Now you can easily add a “Past Projects” block to the bottom of your GTR app and your customers will have immediate access to PMI right within the GTR app. How cool is that!

Add PMI to your GTR App

Get The Referral is the first referral platform designed specifically with the success of home improvement companies in mind. Our platform combines communication, project management, review generation, and other engagement tools to empower companies to get more high-quality leads, all while providing their customers with the ultimate customer experience.

We combine an integrated online dashboard that manages customer leads and communications with an engaging, custom-branded mobile app that makes it easier for a company’s customers to refer others and be rewarded quickly for their efforts. Here’s a bit more about what we do:

Boost Customer Acquisition - Our platform is designed to help businesses acquire new customers through word-of-mouth referrals, which convert at a higher rate and are more cost-efficient than other lead-generation methods.
Streamline Your Referral Program - We make it easy for businesses to launch and manage their own referral programs. We also help you create a systematic approach to generating referrals from your current network to ensure that no referral is missed.
Referral Analytics - We provide real-time analytics to help you measure the effectiveness of your referral program and identify areas for improvement. And our Customer Success team has the expertise to help you make the needed changes.
Reward Your Advocates - We enable businesses to incentivize their entire network to become advocates and refer their friends and family. With reward options like gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or having cash transferred to your bank account - we make referring your business attractive and rewarding for everyone.
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