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Now-a-days, social proof and use of visuals is a must have for contractor presentations. Easily add your Project Map It portfolio to any slide within your Ingage presentation. Did you know that if you present visually, a human being will retain 80% of what you said? If you present verbally, only 10% is retained. Be remembered with the dynamic duo of Ingage and Project Map It.

Be Remembered

At Ingage, we know you want a top performing sales team and need easy to use tools to help close more deals and wow customers. The problem is a lack of updated sales content which leaves your team unprepared to compete. It shouldn’t be impossible to create engaging sales content, share it with the people who need it and measure the impact on your business.

Powering interactive and dynamic sales presentations since 2008, Ingage is a digital presentation design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone to create, share and measure best-in-class content. Close more deals with powerful presentations from Ingage.

Close More Deals with Powerful Presentations

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